How it happens, some mechanics of it, and why it's often good

These short essays explore the possibility that some (maybe many) types of deconstruction are a tool God has used throughout time to show his love in both judging and blessing people.


  • This series is in development. All these ideas are very much in-flight.
  • As of February 12, 2024, all of this is a first, simple down draft - very rough.
  • Part 1 was written last so some other parts need to be re-worked to match the arc.
  • There are issues unaccounted for (and surely more I don’t know), e.g.
    • how do doubt and deconstruction differ
    • how do soul hurt and life trauma often end up leading to deconstruction
    • (improper or lack of grieving? -> bitterness toward God (and/or other things) -> lack of honoring/thanking -> fall)
    • what are other ways of honoring and thanking God?
    • probably 2-3 dozen more issues
  • This is currently posted so a couple friends can help me think better.
  • If you stumble on it, bear with me in whatever oversights or issues are here.